The team

Get to know the team behind the app!

Anna Stålnacke

Meet Anna, our esteemed head coach, and founder. With a profound mission to assist individuals in discovering a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle, she leads with passion and expertise. Anna's primary goal is to guide you towards sustainable results and joyful success, where the balance between physical well-being and mental harmony is key. Get ready for a life-changing journey with Anna towards a healthier and happier you.

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Amanda Dresh

Amanda Dresh is an influencer in our app who focuses on creating content for social media, recipes, and workout programs. She has a special passion for functional training and running and is a co-creator in multiple programs in the app.

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Isak Melin

Isak Melin is a nutrition expert and coach in the app. He is truly passionate about the connection between physical and mental health and understands that we all have different backgrounds and objectives. He emphasizes the importance of overall well-being and is committed to promoting the link between nutrition, physical well-being, and mental health.

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Jennifer Pettersson

Jennifer is an influencer, specializing in content creation and copywriting, including creating recipes and workouts. She's the author behind the holistic training in the app, and has a special passion for seamlessly combining yoga, mobility, Pilates, and strength training.

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Johanna Wisten

Johanna is one of the app's influencers and content creators. With a passion for training, she loves combining heavy lifting and HIIT workouts.

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Linnea Kungsman

Linnea is one of the app's influencers, content creators, and also works in customer service. When it comes to fitness, Linnea has a great passion for strength training and enjoys combining high and low-rep exercises. Except from spending time in the gym, Linnea has a great passion for cooking and also creates recipes for the app.

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Louise Gynnerstedt

Meet Louise, one of our dedicated coaches in the app and the author behind the "Build and Burn" series and "Better Me" programs. With a strong commitment to assisting others in achieving sustainable results, Louise's programs are centered around sculpting the body.

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