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"The app has helped me find a balance and a way of living I can stick to for the rest of my life."

3 year progress. Completed guide: total transformation home 2.0, and doing workouts from the workout bank.

Sanna's Instagram

”My goal has been to get my body back after a third pregnancy. The app has helped me to be regular on a specific program and every time I’ve finished a program - I have seen visible result."

10 months progress. Completed guides: Shape & tone, First edition, Fit edition, Fit edition 3.0

Marwa's Instagram

“The app helps me reach out of my comfortzone. It's nice to not have to think but just do what you are "told to” according to the plan. The app has also shown me that I can handle more challenges than I think that I can!”

8 weeks progress. Completed guide: Fitedition 3.0

Josephine's Instagram

"I’ve felt seen and heard and I’ve always received quick feedback. I love it how xshapes APP helps me reach out of my comfortzone!”

8 week progress. Completed guide: Bootyedition

Anna's Instagram

“After 2 children and several years as active in soccer, it was time to find my way back to strength training again. Thanks to xshapes and I have now for 2 years slowly accelerated towards a stronger me! I love the concept and believe in the long-term perspective that the app / programs and lifestyle reflect!”

2 years progress. Completed guides: First edition, 2.0, Fit edition, Fit edition 3.0 

Emelie's Instagram

“As a beginner in strength training, the app has been invaluable to me and my progress! Effective and fun programs, instructions, background information and explanations have taught me a lot about training and how to work to get the best results! ”

11 months progress. Completed guides: First edition, fitedition, fitedition 2.0, fitedition 3.0 and Busy but strong

Lisa's Instagram

“Thanks to the app's awesome training plan and training advices, I’m working with weights that I’ve never before dared to challenge myself with. I have been exercising for 5 years but it is NOW that the results have come, I have never been this strong before!”

12 months progress. Completed guides: Thick & strong, Shape & tone, Fitedition 1.0 and bootyqueen

Alma's Instagram

"In addition to the visual results, I also feel that thanks to xshape's app I have a healthier thinking about both exercise and food, it is not the 'all or nothing' thinking that gives results. All tools are in the app, which is worth its weight in gold to me!”

5 months progress. Completed guides: Fitedition and Sexy back

Jennys's Instagram

”xshape's app has changed my training completely, with workouts that push me to levels I didn’t even dare to dream of. Never before has my motivation for training been as high as during this year I used the app.”

12 months progress. Completed guides: Fitedition 3.0, First edition, 2.0, Thick & strong, Thick & strong 2.0, Bootyedition, Shape & tone

Katrine's Instagram

“The app has helped me to get structure in my training, a plan to follow and clear goals to strive for. I have appreciated the diet advices and inspiration for alternative ingredients! ”

3 months progress. Completed guides: First edition & 2.0

Antonia's Instagram

In January 2021 Maria started our January challenge. BUT, this was not just a 8 week challenge for her. It was the beginning of a NEW LIFESTYLE ❤️

12 months progress

Maria's Instagram

”Before I found xshapes app I felt lost and insecure at the gym, now I have managed to build myself an x-shape that I’m proud of! The variation of the guides in the APP is amazing, there’s something for everyone!”

2 years progress. Completed xshapes guides: First edition, 2.0 (several times), Bootyedition, Fitedition 1.0, Fitedition 2.0, Fitedition 3.0, Thick & strong, Thick & strong 2.0

Olivia's Instagram

“The app has helped me find a good balance in my training and to challenge myself to vary the training and increase my weights. Above all, the app has helped me have fun at the gym AND when it's fun, the results comes in handy!”

2 years progress. Completed xshapes guides: Fitedition, Fitedition 2.0, Fitedtion 3.0, Shape & Tone, Sexy back and Thick & strong

Nicolina's Instagram

“Not only do I see a difference in the mirror, but I also feel stronger and have a different mindset about training. The app has really helped me to enjoy exercising and going to the gym becomes so much easier when you have full control of what to do!”

8 weeks progress. Completed xshapes guide: Fitedition

Rebecca's Instagram

"The app has made me love strength training and has helped me develop so much, both mentally and physically. You can accomplish more than you think! This truly is the best app in the world. I will never stop using it ❤"

1 year progress. Completed guides: Home, Shape & Tone, Fitedition 2.0 & Total transformation

Sanna's Instagram

"Xshapes is truly perfect in every way when it comes to training and nutrition. Regardless of whether I ran whole programs or individual sessions, I have never been disappointed. Having a description, as well as pictures and video at hand in each exercise has been worth its weight in gold when I’ve felt unsure. I have been struggling and training for a whole year now and am so incredibly proud of my results. "

1 year progress. Completed guides: Fitedition, Fitedition 2.0 & Total transformation

Rebecca's Instagram

"I have not only lost weight, gained muscles, and increased my energy and activity level but also improved my mood and sleep. I am in the best shape I have ever been in, and the Facebook group has given me encouragement and motivation to continue training and set new goals to become my best self."

Winner of Fit by Xshapes 2023

Linda's instagram

"I have finally regained my joy for exercising and established routines. I am much more energetic and feel a lot better both mentally and physically. I have successfully increased the weights in most exercises and feel so much stronger."

8 weeks progress

Natalie's instagram

"This challenge has truly been a life transformation for me. I've learned that I can enjoy food without overindulging and live life on my own terms. Rediscovering the joy of exercise has been amazing, each session has been sweaty, fun, and enlightening. I've gained a deeper understanding of my body's capabilities, but most importantly, I am now a happier and stronger mom."

8 weeks progress, fit edition 2.0

Emilia's instagram

"Thanks to the challenge, I've regained my energy and finally started exercising again. I've even gotten rid of my back pain, and the inspiring posts have motivated me to listen to my body. Now, I'm on the path to a healthier life with more joy and vitality in my daily routine."

8 weeks progress, fit edition upper body

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