User Agreement

Concluding, payments and rights of withdrawal

There is no notice period or binding period for the use of the application. As soon as a purchase is completed, the service is delivered digitally. The service is delivered without the right of withdrawal. You pay for each purchase or period in advance. No refunds will be made upon concluding of service, program or subscription. In the case of currentpayments or subscriptions without a lock-in period or notice period, all future payments are terminated on the same day as the service or subscription is terminated. Payments already made will not be refunded.


The services are intended to help the user with their diet and exercise. The User is responsible for choosing a program that suits the User's conditions. The user should interrupt the program immediately if it does not feel right or pain etc. occurs.

Personal data and privacy

Livity stores user information required to distinguish accounts and the features of the service. Livity is hereby granted the full right to handle and process all data that the User himself stores in the service. Livity has the right to use and display this information within the framework of the Service's functions. Livity does not disclose personal information to third parties other than what is openly displayed within the framework of the Service's functions unless otherwise stated in these terms. When purchasing an exercise and diet program, the sender or owner of the program has access to contact information and purchase information regarding the User's purchase. The user's email address may be used for mailings and offers from Livity.